Thursday, January 6, 2011


If you want to:

1. Get money.
2. Get more money.
3. Feed your (insert any activity that's been maxing out your allowance lately) spree.
4. Sort of show your parents you're employed after graduating.
5. Sort of show your parents you're employed after umpteen years of job search.
6. Earn more money even though you already have a day-time job so yeah, back to item 1.

If your situation falls into at least one of those then here are the requirements:

[ ] UP STUDENT/GRADUATE - as long as you have that student number, you're in. And no, they're not open for outsiders. And I don't know when they'll be... or if ever they will be.
[ ] Must have a computer (and headphones)* - because it sucks when you don't.
[ ] Has an Internet Service Provider - preferably one that doesn't get disconnected when it's raining, during peak hours and/or BOTH. 
[ ] Has Skype - you can get it for either windows or MAC.
[ ] A quiet room* - with doors and windows that can lock someone out due to their incessant prattle.
[ ] A comfy bed or couch (preferably bed) you can teach on.

Can you check all those requirements? Then you can go to RareJob and click APPLY NOW!

*Uh, yes, you can teach in an Internet shop. But it's kind of hard especially when you have to pee (and mark my words, YOU WOULD WANT TO).


  1. Wow well that's nice to know that I could teach outside but can you please give me the name of your internet provider and ohh... some hints during the application and interview process it'll really help.,